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Collect unique life memories by choosing our unforgettable experiences just for you or your close friends. Explore exclusive and rare sophistication, delivered to you by the legends and first-class professionals : TRUST-class professionals.

What is Experience?

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Give yourself the gift of experience. Explore our rare and captivating activities and bespoke private tours suitable for private individuals and team-buildings. We offer custom made first-class, private guided selection of exclusive activites.

Visit the truffle hunt in Alba, enjoy a prestige experience with a famous jeweller, taste rare "signature" limited-editon wines or race on the F1 track with Grand Prix champions
Share emotions, not things.

Let your dreams inspire you

There is no limit to your desires, and there is no limit to the luxury experiences we can create for you.

Let's create emotions

From large scale, multi-territory activities to discreet confidential events, we deliver powerfully engaging experiences.

Trust the best

Our world-class creative and event production teams lead an unparalleled network of global experts and champions who can be your coaches.

Enjoy the adrenaline

Your package will include any experience you desire: whether you are willing to dive into a different era or a secret game, whether you love adventure travel, prefer secluded luxury escapes or you’re fond adrenaline rush on a track.




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